Why I loved 2016

2016. It’s been a bloody amazing year! Yeah sure put aside the fact the last 2 months of the year haven’t been cartwheel – worthy with the old cancer diagnosis, but it’s still been such a freaken fabulous one! It’s a  year I’ll always remember with gratitude to be honest as I ticked off some bucket list items, laughed a lot and ironically reached optimal health and body awareness in June when I found the amazing organic wholefoods of Purium – just 3 months before I discovered my black massed bitch tit.

So here are my 2016 TOP 10 Stellar Moments (in no particular order):

  1. Living, loving, diving, laughing and cruising the world with my LOVE (heart bursts with gratitude & happiness thinking about our adventures!!)
  2. Swimming in Jellyfish Lake and the aerial plane ride over Palau
  3. Holding my Mumma’s hand along with my Bro feeling so proud of her for climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge for her 60th Birthday
  4. Surviving the very challenging Red Snapper Spawning Dive in Palau where the current was absolutely ripping & where I saw the biggest (and only) Bull Shark I’ve ever seen
  5. Spending time with my Brother from NYC – my inspiration & friend- twice in 1 year when we weren’t expecting to see each other until who knew when….
  6. Seeing my 2nd ever Hammerhead shark on our final epic dive in Tubbataha & the Whaleshark
  7. Watching my Sisters &  Brother each kick massive career goals and receive promotions, and accolades which only create pure pride, inspiration and admiration within
  8. Watching many close girlfriends grow into powerful, selfless, loving mothers
  9. Finding a personal inner strength I didn’t know existed
  10. B A L I wedding celebrations for two of my favourites (and the amazing Manta Dive at manta Point ….siiiiiick!!)

There was a new moon on Thursday 29th so for the past few days I’ve been particularly reflective as new moons are a period where we can focus on manifesting new beginnings and set positive intentions. My mind has been really active over the past few weeks. I have managed to let go of all of the IVF struggles,  the possible loss of my fertility, and the looming double mastectomy surgery worries yet have been holding onto far less important issues which have been doing my head in. I’m worrying about what career will I have, how will I generate an income, will we be able to afford to stay in Sydney…. All the bullshit and stupid worries that I’m disappointed to even admit especially in the schemes of everything else that happening and has happened.

So Universe, New Moon, New Year, Please provide me a positive clean- mental – slate….minus all the above mentioned shit and let me focus on my own HEALING and keeping faith that there will be a bloody amazing reason why all of this has happened. Even if I can help one person who will one day go through what I’m experiencing, then that will be enough for me.

This year the champagne bubbles will be replaced with mineral ones, the hair won’t be blow dried and wild, nor will there be a ghastly hangover to nurse tomorrow, but believe you me, I’ll be making up for it this time next year with one Rad Celebration and an even longer list of Stellar Moments to treasure! One of them being : Beating Breast Cancer.

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