The Power of Papaya: increased platelets

As of June 6 which is this coming Tuesday, gravity will no longer be an enemy, bras will be optional and the possibility of breast tumors, will basically be nil. Well, hopefully. That’s if my body & blood levels decide to play ball and not create anymore delays for surgery.

As per my last post which was nearly 2 weeks ago, my low platelets levels boycotted my double mastectomy which had been scheduled for Monday May 22. Initially it was an awful shock after so much prep and anticipation, but once I surrendered to the fact my body simply wasn’t ready, I felt calm and focused on one thing: to increase my platelet levels.

My daily mantra: nurture & nourish.

And that meant doing everything by the book with some serious calculated chowing taking place: I’ve smashed nearly 8kg of fresh papaya along with copious amounts of natural supplements including organic papaya leaf extract in capsule form, and I’ve drunk countless cups of Chinese herbal tea to nourish blood & ‘Qi’ (along with my acupuncture sessions of course).

I didn’t realize the power of papaya and it’s ability to increase platelet levels until a couple of thoughtful friends brought it to my attention. One in particular had a 10Kg delivery arrive at my house the day after surgery was cancelled. God love you Bee, thank you darling.

Studies at the Asian Institute of Science and Technology in Malaysia revealed that people who were suffering from low platelets from dengue fever, increased their platelet levels within days by consuming papaya leaf extract.

So with a similar comprised platelet level, surely consuming this natural remedy would also see my own levels increase right?

The first indicator to see whether my body was responding was the blood test I had last Monday 29th. The much anticipated results showed that my platelets had skyrocketed in a week, coming in hot from 56 to 132!

But of course, there’s no show without punch –  my white blood cells had in fact plummeted. My neutrophils had dropped significantly low, to levels as low as when I had been enduring weekly chemo sessions which I had finished 6 weeks ago. What. The . Fuck.

Give me a break, I thought.

Neutrophils fight bacterial infections, so due to the fact mine are low, I’m susceptible to germs and bugs with a comprised immune system. This isn’t ideal at all for surgery so my nurse arranged for me to collect some Filgistrim injections from the hospital the next day. These are booster shots I have given myself for the past 3 mornings and will continue to do so until Monday, in the hope that these little bastard neutrophils return to a healthy state.


They say it takes up to 12 months for your body to fully bounce back from the side effects of chemo, and these low white blood count levels is evidence of my immune system having been utterly knocked around.

Rather than hanging out with my amazing brother who flew over from NYC to hang with me during what should have been post surgery recovery, I’m instead quarantined by myself with hand santizier and Vit c on hand due to the threat of a sore throat & blocked nose.

The next blood test is booked for Monday morning which will shed some light on my levels. Straight afterward, I have the Sentinal Lymph Node Mapping .This procedure involves injecting an isotype dye solution into the tumor site whereby the solution travels via the lymphatic system highlighting the specific lymph nodes most likely to contain cancer cells if any metastasis has occurred.

Screen shot 2017-06-03 at 9.55.20 PM

So by the time surgery (hopefully!!!) takes place on Tuesday, surgeons can access the exact nodes that need to be removed for biopsy.

By the time I finish with the SLN mapping procedure, my blood test results should be in which will give me a good indication of my levels. As per my surgeons request, I’ll have a final blood test on the morning of surgery to determine whether I get the green light to go ahead with the removal of these tumor tainted bitchtits.

Universe, please make this be the 3rd last night that I have my own natural boobs. Sure, I’d prefer not to lose them and I won’t be shy in admitting how much I love them, but the shit they’ve put me through trumps these pretty lumps, and reasserts the fact that it’s time for them to go. I’m nervous and slightly anxious about surgery, but it’s been drawn out long enough now and I want it to happen already. So please, let it be.







2 thoughts on “The Power of Papaya: increased platelets

  1. Hi Emma
    Thinking of you, everything crossed for tomorrow, stay positive as you have been all through this journey
    Cheryl & Russell Sheppard

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Cheryl & Russel 🙂 Surgery is going ahead tomorrow! I’m feeling relieved and excited to be getting the ball rolling at last. Your support is valued and appreciated so much!xx


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