For the past few years I’ve been strangely referred to by my darling partner as Bitch Tits. And to clear things up its in no way a reference to a set of sweaty man boobs, which the phrase seems to conjure up!

This odd nickname & peculiar term of endearment has recently gathered quite some relevance & momentum since I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on 20th October 2016. So it’s become quite fitting really. We now like to refer to “it” as Bitch Tit. The left breast that is. No plural required. Invasive ductal carcinoma to be precise.
What was a cute phrase of love & affection now literally represents a tumor tainted tit. Cute huh?

16 days after my 31st birthday my sun- salt soaked life in Phuket, Thailand was turbulently turned on its head as I woke from what I thought was a routine procedure to remove a benign lump from my left breast, to be informed in broken English that I had Breast Cancer.

Sorry? What was that?